labour leasing

Nightlife Events is a certified company engaged in labour leasing.


Our customers are nationwide companies from the event industry, concert and fair sector, catering industry and hotel business.

We are capable to cover all needs concerning event organization – from event manager to technicians, barkeepers to service staff and hostesses. We are glad to put together the perfect team for your project.


    We provide legal certainty when it comes to employment of external staff and reduce the cost burden through demand-based personnel placement.


Advantages of labour leasing – Generally one has to consider if labour leasing is the right way for your business or if outsourcing is more suitable. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to find the best option for you.
Of course, one might ask himself – why hire Nightlife Events and not an ordinary temporary employment agency? The main difference is that we, as an event agency, are able to offer all-in-one solutions.

Entrust us with your tasks and fields of responsibility and let us take care of your success while you concentrate on the important aspects.