Booking marquees (making tents)

With our knowledge and together with our regional partners we offer the right location (tents/marquees) for your event.


In a personal meeting we will analyse your needs and ideas, visit locations and we will visualize your tent in 3-D monitoring so that you can already make a clear picture of what your event location will look like.


With our expertise it is our understanding of service to be there for our clients – at all costs.


Therefore we will assist you with the entire process: planning, buliding and making.


Next to decorations, security matters or the entire furniture, we can also provide you with sanitary installations. Especially the latter are obligatory for every event and will always have to meet the niveau of your event.

Neben den typischen Zelten bieten wir Ihnen zudem ein breites Portfolio bestehend aus vielen Zusatzleistungen.

Angefangen bei Dekomaterialien und Mobiliar, bis hin zur Sicherheitsausstattung und sogar den Sanitäranlagen.


We can provide luxury as well as standard installations.